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Furniture fit for a peasant’s palace

By admin | June 27, 2006

We had so much fun finding furniture for our house in Galeş. 

Here you can see Anca’s dad, Lio, putting his electrical training to good use, rewiring the antique chandelier we bought in an antique shop in Bucureşti.  This was the Papagal (parrot) chandelier that Anca so loves.  It is a very old chandelier and was so heavy.  You can also see them both at work together - like father like daughter!!

 Sink unit stripperSink unit varnisher

You can also see Anca doing her bit to convert the wooden sideboard we bought from Camil into a sink for our bathroom, being closely supervised by her Grandma, Elisabeta, or Mamaia (Granny) to most people, making sure Anca did things properly…

 Papagal repair by LioPapagal repair by Anca and Lio

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