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Amazing Horezu

By admin | July 20, 2006

Probably everyone who goes to Horezu talks about the Monastery, which is admittedly very beautiful.  It dates back to 1690 and was built by Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu. Horezu is on the south side of the Carpathians, south west of the main town of Râmnicu Vâlcea, on the way to Târgu Jiu .  The other thing Horezu is famous for is its pottery.  Horezu is a convenient stop-off point for us when we travel from Galeş to Craiova, and we quickly discovered the charms of two shops in particular.  The first of these is an Aladdin’s Cave of antiques with the most laid back cool proprietors you’ve come across, Camil and Mihaila.  Their prices are very reasonable and they take the time to get to know you in a friendly, personal way and where you don’t feel just another customer.  Over time now we’ve bought so many things from them, including wardrobes, antique wooden chests, Oltenia rugs and so on.  Another fantastic shop is the pottery barn of Ion Paloşi called,  unsuprisingly, Ceramica Paloşi.  These are both on the main road leading out of Horezu towards the east. 

Here are some pics of the two shops and a worker turning pottery, and of course the Monastery of Horezu.  If you look carefully in one of them you can see Mrs Weldon and Mr Weldon Senior….. 

Image:Horezu church.jpgHorezu antique shop 






Horezu Monastery                         Camil’s antique shop 



Pottery shop of Ion PalosiPalosi potter







                                  Ceramica Paloşi

Aladdin Camil’s Cave










                          Aladdin Camil’s Cave of antiques


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