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Before and after

By admin | September 19, 2006

This picture shows the difference between the way the house looked before we started and when we’d almost finished.  The splashback tiles haven’t yet been put on the walls, so the kitchen isn’t fully finished. 

Gales kitchen before and after

You can see the new ceiling we put in to replace the other.  The old ceiling was made up of cross beams (half trunks) with reed mat fixed to the planks and lime plaster rendered over the top.  On top of the ceiling in the roof space, the beams were covered with dried, compacted soil for insulation.  The beam ends had rotted in a couple of places, mainly around the chimney where there had been some water inflitration.  Our builder was uncertain how to replace the reed matting and because the ceiling beams let in dust from the soil insulation, we had to replace the plaster ceiling with a new wooden effect.  As you can see, our builder did a very good job, which we were very pleased with.

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