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Our house! Well, it will be soon…

By admin | March 3, 2006

Gales facadeWe had been looking to buy a house in Transylvania since the Autumn of 2005, and when this house became for sale at the end of the year, we jumped at the chance.

Uncle Ika went over from Cisnadie to take photographs of it in cold Midwinter January, 2006. The house is in the village of Galeş, next to Sălişte, nestled in a valley in the side of the Cindrel Mountains. We didn’t know anything about the village, but everyone was telling us it was very beautiful.

It had clearly not been improved for many years, there was damp everywhere and the owners had put cement on the front and side walls, allowing further damp to rise and get sucked higher up.  But we saw how beautiful it could look and agreed we would buy it when went over to Romania for seven months in April.

More pictures inside below:

    Gales bathroom beforeGales living room before

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