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Lazy August

By admin | November 6, 2011

We all decamped again to Biertan in August and for the first time ever, we did no further work to the house or the garden.  This was not entirely fulfilling then because there is so much still to do at both houses.  Since returning to the UK we have decided that we are going to restart the fruit orchard in Gales next Spring, which will take a bit of work, but will be fun bringing new varieties of apple and pear tree whilst also trying to preserve a few of the tastier apples already established.  I’ve been teaching myself how to graft fruit trees in preparation.  Whilst in Biertan, we should probably get some trees and bushes in.  We were delaying because we wanted to get the patio area and courtyard sorted out, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to go anywhere soon.  There is also the unresolved issue of the tunnel in the courtyard that leads to the Saxon Church which we want to excavate…..

 in the meantime, some pictures of our summer in Transylvania…

Darjiu church 1

Darjiu church 2

Copsa Mare vista

Biertan vista

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