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Roof cover

By admin | January 3, 2010

Since we put in the french doors last summer, we’ve discovered that they are a bit prone to the weather, especially the rain and direct sunlight, so we decided to build them a little roof covering. 

Here you can see Domnul Căpăţînă (or rather, the son of, because his father has now retired) and team building the new roof covering.  The tiles are authentic old tiles and not new ones.  We were lucky here because our friend Bianca is friends with another couple in the village, and they are going to renovate an old Saxon house which had a lean-to that they didn’t need.  So, one chilly, early morning in early September me, with wheelbarrow, went a hunting.  It’s amazing how many tiles you really need, even for a small roof covering, and how heavy they also are.  But it’s all worth it because the french doors overhang now looks as old as the roof itself, as if the Saxons themselves built it!!

Roof overhang 1

Roof overhang 2 

Anca hard at work




Roof overhang 

Roof overhang 4 

Roof overhang 5

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