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Moara din Galeş - Galeş Watermill (Museum)

By admin | October 2, 2008

On our recent trip to Galeş we made our first visit to the local watermill.  It has been running since 1884, and despite being shut down in the dark days of Communism, it was re-started in the years after the revolution of 1989.  It is an open mill for the local community to bring their grains and corn, but in recent years has been less used because people are not growing as many grains/corn for milling.  It is filled with wonderfully carved beams inside, reflecting the obvious passion and love bestowed on the mill. 

They have started to use the supermarkets more and the organic philosophy in the West which has captured people’s attentions has a different connotation in Romania.  Regrettably, many people would prefer to give up on the hard country work and buy things in the supermarket.  It is true also that the growing and harvesting is hard work and takes valuable time away from engaging in other more profitable works. 

Moara din Gales 4 Moara din Gales 1 Moara din Gales 11


As a result, the owners, neighbours of ours, have decided to put the mill up for sale.  They would like also to help their children build a house and the proceeds from selling the mill would be a godsend to them.  They have asked for 30,000 euros which seems incredibly cheap for what is a beautiful, traditional water mill in an idyllic rural location and which could be turned into a better business model.  We wondered about the idea of the mill owner buying grain and milling it then either selling organic, wholemeal flour or going the whole hog and making good, wholemeal bread.  Romania has a dearth of good breads, their tending to make dry potato boosted breads or highly milled, bleached white breads.  There was never any Hovis-type tradition like in Britain.


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  1. Leslie Says:
    June 25th, 2011 at 9:20 am

    So? What happened to the mill? Did you buy it?