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New doors

By admin | June 27, 2008

Most of the new doors and door frames made by Domnul Căpăţînă have now been taken to Biertan and installed. 

What is so beautiful about them is that the old Saxon locks we had repaired look really good fitted onto them.  The house only had the main door left whilst all other doors had been taken off and probably used for firewood when times were bad.  So we only had that door to work on as our template, although it was very similar to the doors of our house in Galeş, which were originals fitted in the 1890s.  The door hinges, whilst not like the originals, are a nice modern take on the medieval style - eat your hearts out, you puritan renovators out there!  We are really excited to get over to Transylvania to see how the house is taking shape and as Laurian tells me that the carved oak staircase, our piece de resistance, is being installed as we speak, the suspense is killing us!

Here are some pics of the doors to show the quality of  Domnul Căpăţînă’s work:

usi 3             usa 1

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