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As we walked out one Spring morning - Biertan (Birthälm) to Dupuş (Tobsdorf)

By admin | May 26, 2008

Spring has kind of arrived in Biertan…. 

Whilst the cherries are red and starting to ripen down in Oltenia, things are only just hotting up in Siebenbürgen.  House stuff, as ever, took up a lot of our time, but being there for two weeks meant we had some time to ourselves as well. 

One day, in early May, we took a lovely walk over the hills from Biertan to Dupuş with friends Bianca and Codruţa, from Biertan, not forgetting Micky and Oscar (Bianca’s trusty collie and scottie dogs). 

 Start of the Biertan to Dupus trail - April 2008 Biertan to Dupus trail - Gaura Dupus First sight of Dupus from the trail - April 2008

 Edge of Biertan                             Gaura Dupuş                       Edge of Dupuş

The Transylvanian hills in this area are famously beautiful.  They are medieval in style, rarely fenced, with fantastically diverse animal and plantlife and rolling hills and valleys with woods crowding the tops of the hills.  In the far distance, you can make out glimpses of the Carpathian Mountains. 

On the track on the way to Dupuş, we met some interesting guys from Germany who grew up as Saxons in Dupuş (or, to the Saxons who lived there, Tobsdorf).  This was their first visit to their home village in more than a decade, and their stories were fascinating.  They were looking to visit their old house, which was the Priest’s House, in Dupuş.  Nowadays, it is run by a couple of Germans as a rehabilitation centre for youths with drug problems.  Thankfully, the owners allowed all of us to take a look around, which was very poignant for the Saxon guys. 

Anca Bianca and Codruta in Dupus

Anca, Codruţa, Bianca and Oscar (in background)

We made a picnic in Dupuş, sheltering from the sun under a tree, surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful village. 

On the way back, we took a different route to Biertan, past a big valley with an abandoned vineyard which whilst it is a testament to the industriousness of the former residents of this area, is also now a sad statement about how things don’t always change for the better. 

Biertan to Dupus April 2008 - abandoned vineyards

 Is there no-one out there who would like to team up with me and replant the vineyard??

Are there any homesick Saxons out there looking for a big project to get their teeth into back in the homeland??

 Biertan from the hill - 2008

 Anyway, the walk back to Biertan turned out to be a lot longer than we planned, as we got a little lost!  It gave us a chance to chat and see more of the stunning countryside.  After a couple more hours walking, though, we were all more than glad to pass the crest of the wooded hill and see the welcoming and reassuring sight of the fortified church of Biertan.

 If anyone would like directions for this walk, please get in touch..

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  1. Monica Popovici Says:
    May 2nd, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Great pictures, great story.