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Antique apple press

By admin | June 14, 2007

Whilst at Dl Rusu’s bazaar of antique goodies we saw this really old apple press, and decided we must have it! 

 Our orchard in Galeş produces a massive crop of apples every year and we wanted to be able to make something a little healthier than ţuica.  The apple press was a bit of a job getting back to Galeş because it weighed a ton.

The metal plate will need restoring as there is rust and it needs repainting but then the press is ready to use again.  Amazing for something that was probably heavily used and which is at least a hundred years old…

The apples need to be ground down before putting in the press, and luckily new ones can be bought quite cheaply in Romania, so we’re all set now for this season’s apples…

Antique apple press













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