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Animals returning from pasture to the village houses in Galeş

By admin | September 10, 2007

The pace of life in the village of Galeş may be slow but it is definitely regular and certainly timeless - for hundreds of years this pattern of coming and going has prevailed throughout rural Romania. 

Shortly after sunrise the animals are let out of the courtyards of the village houses and at dusk they return.  This video shows the animals returning home in the evening from the pastures around the village.  Most people, even if they now work in the city during the day, still own maybe a cow or horse or goat.  The village is still very much a tight-knit community despite encroaching ‘modernity’, so villagers help one another with animals and there is a community pasture master who looks after the animals and who can be seen coming down the lane from the pasture at the end of this video.  You can also see that children are inducted into the movement and management of the animals from a young age, showing a confidence and knowledge of animals that children brought up in urban environments often lack.  In the background you can see our house with its final state of colouring: blue, ochre and green.  The limewash paint has only just been applied and it will take a few months for the blue and ochre to begin to fade to reach their natural, more subtle, pastel colouring.

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